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ANOTHER FOUR YEARS IN ONE’S LIFE IS NOT A JOKE !!! PLEASE KEEP YOUR PERMANENT VOTER’S CARD (PVC) SAFE AND ENCOURAGE OTHER YOUTHS AROUND YOU TO DO THE SAME!!! This platform is for Nigerian Youths, created by volunteers to make all different bodies of YOUTH FORUMS come together as one,discuss way forward,encourage others, engage in Public enlightenment, engage unemployed youths (knowing fully well that an idle hand will turn devil’s workshop),engage in rehabilitation services and at the end sponsor Well behaved, Talented, Vibrant, industrious, and Proactive Nigerian Youths who are of good Characters and genuine listening inbuilt characters to participate fully in Nigerian Politics to realize good governance in Nigeria. All Members own this platform and have equal rights,we welcome your pieces of advice and suggestions. Nigeria is blessed with 98% of natural resources deposited by God to the whole world, there shouldn’t be any reason for our sufferings. It is very sad that our leaders who enjoyed free education, free healthcare, good infrastructures, good employment, among others are the ones making life miserable for the youths. Imagine, till now there is no sector working well. It is a pity that Nigerian youths who formed more than 75% of the population are still suffering under continuous bad governance ,all because we can not use our power which is our votes to put right and proactive youths in government. Its high time we came together and make right decision to take over Nigerian politics for good governance. This is youth era, Youths should be leaders of today. Awake Nigerian Youths,this is our youthful and useful time to make our country great.